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Unisex High Quality FDA Approved Adjustable Back Posture/Corrector Support Brace w/ Magnets. Soft Cotton Material. 1 size fits all 26"- 40" chest / Back Posture Support/Corrector: Helps correct poor posture while maintaining comfort, Features adjustable shoulder straps for proper fitting, Sporty unisex design, 10 magnets to help soothe pain in the spine and lumbar area (5 in lumbar area, 5 in the spine area), Help stand taller and straighter, Discourage stooped shoulders and general slouching, Alleviate pain and reduced inflammation / How It Works:The posture support is designed to improve poor posture and aid in back pain relief. As you wear the support, your body is reminded to keep upright. Muscles in your back are stimulated as they help pull back the scapula (shoulder blade), straighten the head and neck while promoting a straight and healthy spine. As a result, it assist with the reduction of back pain.,Recommended: Wear over a shirt for greater comfort!

High Quality Adjustable Posture Support/Corrector Brace

SKU: 722589513954
  • Packaging: One Posture Corrector per Bag Type: Back Braces & Lumbar Supports
    Available Sizes: One Size Fits Chest Size 26"-40" Size: One Size (26"-40" Chest)
    Model:: Posture Corrector/Support Color:


    Material: Cotton Country/Region of Manufacture: China




  • Contact support at or (800) 830-5117

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